Catalogue Conditions of Sale




  1. A Buyer’s Premium of 15% will be charged on all lots in the Auction.

  2. Payment may be made by CASH, BANK DRAFT or PERSONAL CHEQUE ONLY.  No credit can be given.  Credit/Debit Cards are not accepted.  Cheques for sums over £100 must be supported by a written reference from the Purchaser’s bank.  Failing this, goods will be withheld until the cheque clears.

  3. Under the rules of the Auction, the rightful purchaser of a specific lot shall be the highest bidder, subject to the bid meeting or exceeding the Vendor’s reserve amount.

  4. The Auctioneers reserve the right to refuse bids without having to state a reason and to withdraw, combine or split lots as they see fit, and also reserve the right to bid on any lot.

  5. The description of specific lots are for guidance only; no sale shall be invalidated by claimed inaccuracies in a description.  The lots will be available for viewing in order that prospective bidders may examine items.  Estimates are included for lots which are valued at over £20.  These estimates are for guidance only.

  6. No guarantees or warranties are given for any lot.

  7. Until the fall of the hammer all lots are at the Vendor’s risk, they then become the risk of the Purchaser.  Any damage to the lots or premises of the Auction shall be payable by the Vendor or Purchaser responsible.

  8. Should any dispute arise during the Auction, the Auctioneer reserves the right to re-sell the lot or determine the rightful Purchaser.

  9. The Auctioneer cannot be held responsible for failure to observe or hear any bid.  It is in the Bidder’s interest to indicate clearly and state the bid.

  10. After the fall of the hammer the Purchaser has entered into a legally binding contract with the Vendor.  Failure to complete the purchase at the contracted price will render the Purchaser liable to the deficit should the lot need to be re-sold.

  11. In accordance with the Gun Barrel Proof Acts of 1868 & 1950 and the Rules of Proof 1925 & 1954, the internal dimensions of all barrels have been certified as being within the stated tolerance at a distance of 9 inches from the breech face.  A Purchaser may have the barrels checked at the Auction.  No dispute as to dimensions will be considered after delivery.  No guarantee can be made as to the actual working order of any gun.

  12. No claims against the Auctioneers, their agents or servants shall be made for any accidents.

  13. The Purchaser of any Shotgun or Firearm must have a valid certificate authorising purchase and must submit this for inspection and registration prior to delivery.  Failure to do so will require the Purchaser to leave the item with the Auctioneers until a valid certificate is produced.  A storage charge may be made.  If not collected, the item will be sold without reserve.

  14. The Auctioneers will operate a Purchaser Bidding Number system.  Purchasers are requested to register for a Bidding Number before the start of the Sale; a charge of £3 will be made for a Bidding Number, but is free of charge with the purchase of a catalogue.  Without a Bidding Number the Auctioneer cannot accept a bid.

  15. Commission Bids by post, email or telephone will be accepted.  Commission Bidder’s forms are available upon request.  Commission Bids will not be accepted once the Sale has started.

  16. All Purchasers and Vendors are deemed to have read and agreed to the above conditions of sale.  The Bidding Agreements Act will be displayed in the Sale Room.

  17. At some Auctions late entries will be allowed.  In this case a supplement to the catalogue is normally available.





                                                            FAC                         Firearms Certificate

                                                            SG                           Shotgun Certificate

                                                            RFD                         Registered Firearms Dealer

                                                            NVN                        No visible serial number

                                              A/F                          At fault or As found